Joe Biden's Pledge To The Latino Community Explained | Biden Latino Plan
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Joe Biden’s Pledge To The Latino Community Explained

Joe Biden’s Pledge To The Latino Community Explained

Protecting Communities of Color From Climate Change 

In an attempt to undo the environmental damage that the Trump administration has enacted, Biden will invest 1.7 trillion dollars in clean energy and environmental justice “so that by 2050, the United States will be a 100% clean energy economy with net zero emissions.” In order to achieve this, the research and developing of zero-carbon technologies will be prioritized.

According to Biden, once the products are manufactured in the United States, the cutting-edge cleantech will be exported “to countries that need to cut their emissions to mitigate and adapt. This initiative will create more than 10 million new good-paying jobs particularly for low-income communities and communities of color,” once again, so as to diversify America’s middle class.  

Additionally, on his first day as president, he will immediately rejoin the Paris Climate Accord for the United States to again be a participant of the council of countries spearheading the global clean energy movement. 

Making Change Possible

The first step in seeing the formerly mentioned plans come to fruition is to elect Joe Biden as President in the upcoming election. As soon as he is in office, the money will funnel in from eliminating the $1.6 trillion in tax cuts that the Trump Administration has provided for the wealthy. Joe Biden’s platform is additionally supporting the passing of stricter gun control as well as also focusing on destroying mass incarceration. 


As a nation, we have to understand that Biden’s post-pandemic reality will promote racial equality. In contrast, Trump will continue his “America First” narrative, which will not include anyone outside of white America. Joe Biden must become president so that the American economy prospers and Latinos get their proper share.

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