What is a startup for?
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What is a startup for?

What is a startup for?

What is a startup for

Every startup is backed by an idea that seeks to simplify complicated processes and jobs. Its goal is for the market to have a simplified and easy user experience.

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Startup examples


Its main objective is to create value for the user, it is a massage and story app to help improve the sleep of young children; her focus is on improving the parent-child relationship. Generating a space to create family ties.


Affirm is a financial technology startup founded by Max Levchin. He adopted and revolutionized the consumer loan model with deferred payments at the point of sale, or as it is known in English, “Buy Now, Pay Later”.

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Palantir creates a digital infrastructure that integrates a massive data set, and generates connections and patterns in easy-to-use formats. It serves as the connective tissue between an organization’s data, analytical capabilities, and operational execution, helping to make better decisions. 


iTacate is a platform created to market beverages and food from different regions of Mexico, with national and international shipments. They facilitate the sale and purchase of artisanal edible products between small regional producers and their potential clients.

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