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8 Exciting and Original Gifts for Father’s Day (Ready for You Online)

8 Exciting and Original Gifts for Father’s Day (Ready for You Online)

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Father’s Day is celebrated in Mexico and the United States each year on the third Sunday of June, but that’s not all: Over 70 countries mark the occasion in the same month. In Latin America, countries like El Salvador and Guatemala celebrate it on June 17th and Nicaragua on the 23rd. 

Tradition (and memes) reveal what we already know: Father’s Day is a lesser event than Mother’s Day (and this study explains why). However, the father figure is gradually gaining the recognition it deserves in the minds of families (and marketers). Dads truly deserve everything when they fulfill their role and are actively involved in their children’s lives (let aside those who went to get a pack of cigarettes and never came back).

But every year, every son or daughter in the world simultaneously faces the challenge of getting their father something valuable and exciting. To simplify the task, here’s a list of 8 original gifts you can give your dad, considering they love staying at home, grilling and drinking a beer, or watching an important game on Father’s Day. All of them can be ordered online and delivered to his doorstep. Take note and have your (or your dad’s) credit card ready.

1.  Grillart Barbecue Utensil Set

81HD1sPunnL. AC SL1500

For most dads, celebration means staying at home, inviting friends over, and preparing a barbecue, so this set of grill tools is a gift they will love. The Grillart set consists of 19 stainless steel pieces with an aluminum storage case, including reinforced tongs to prevent dropping the steak on the ground no matter how many beers they’ve had (yes, the set includes a bottle opener, too). This kit is fully portable and features a modern design. It is the most comprehensive and impressive barbecue tool set on the market and a gift worth showing off (and using on Father’s Day or any occasion that calls for firing up the grill). Order it here (and in the meantime, start marinating the meat).

2.  Fluance RT81 Vinyl Record Player

Reproductor de vinilos Fluance RT81

There’s turntables, and then there’s this absolute beauty in pristine white. More than a high-fidelity turntable, it’s also a collector’s item that every music lover should display in their home or studio, making their snobbish friends (and everyone else) envious. The Fluance RT81 comes with 6.5″ Stereo Bookshelf Ai61 speakers and all the elegance you would expect from a cutting-edge record player. In 2022, over 41 million vinyl records were sold in the United States, and listening to this format is now more than just a trend; it’s a small hedonistic luxury cherished by several generations of fathers. Of course, Coldplay, BTS, and Billie Eilish dominate Amazon’s vinyl record sales. Still, your dad can find reissues and special editions of legends like Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles, or rock and pop neo-classics such as The Smiths or Depeche Mode. Even if the head of the household is under 30 and into reggaeton, there are vinyl releases from Bad Bunny (his latest album just came out on vinyl, and you can order it here) and The Weeknd. Click here to get one.

3.  Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple Watch Ultra 2

The most robust and durable model in the Apple Watch lineup, the Ultra 2 offers some refinements over the last generation, including a brighter display and a touchless feature that allows you to use it without even touching the screen. If you want to impress (and make your dad look impressive on any occasion), this is a gift he will treasure. Its features include a battery that lasts several days, Bluetooth connectivity with bike accessories (for tracking his cycling performance), and the most accurate GPS. Warning: If your dad works at an Elon Musk company, you should consider something else, as the mogul has threatened to ban Apple products from his corporate facilities. But if he’s planning on going to something other than X or Tesla offices, you can buy this Apple Watch here.

4.  Battleputt: The Golf and Pong Game

This portable hybrid of golf and pong will provide hours of fun for Dad, his friends, and, of course, yourself. As a matter of fact, the whole family can also play it, as it can be enjoyed at different skill levels. The package includes a 3.4-meter roll-up putting green mat with scoring holes, 2 golf putters, and 2 balls. This toy for dads can be played in the backyard, on a beach outing, or even in the office. It will be loved by everyone at home (and you can bet on a game to decide who will do the dishes or choose a movie to watch together). Order it from here.

5.  Portable Video Game Console

Battleputt El juego que combina golf pong

Believe it or not, there’s life beyond Switch, Xbox, and traditional video game consoles. This modern and powerful portable device includes 500 classic arcade and platform games from the 80’s and 90’s. A nostalgic gift, it will take your dad back to his childhood, reliving the excitement of games like Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and many more. The portable console features a 3-inch color screen, built-in speakers, and a rechargeable battery, making it perfect for gaming on the go or at home. It’s a compact and convenient way to enjoy retro gaming without additional equipment or cartridges. Your dad will appreciate the trip down memory lane and the opportunity to share his favorite games with you and the family. Get it here for a dose of nostalgia.

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6. Personalized Greeting Video

If your father lives in Mexico, famosos.com offers the chance to have a personalized video greeting recorded by a celebrity. If the patriarch of the house is a fan, let’s say, of Bárbara de Regil, the surprise he would get on Father’s Day (in addition to the celebration plans we have already recommended in this other article) would be immense and funny. You can get greetings from a wide range of comedians and influencers. But if you want to give him an even more original gift, go to the Greeting Video From Africa website, where African singers and dancers can fulfill your request with personalized videos for every occasion.

7. Smart Wallet with AirTag

Cartera inteligente AirTag

This is a state-of-the-art minimalist wallet with details that make it a luxurious and cutting-edge accessory. This genuine leather model can store over 10 cards, while the aluminum pop-up cardholder can hold 6 to 7 cards. Its RFID blocking system protects it from unauthorized scans and can safely hold up to 50 bills. Also (very important if your father misplaces things), it features a built-in holder for an Apple AirTag, allowing him to track his wallet digitally using his iPhone. Order it here.

8. FREED Luxury Shaving Set

Some things always stay in style, and one is looking impeccably well-groomed for any occasion. That’s why this luxury set, which includes perhaps the best razor your dad has ever tried in his life (we guarantee it), is a modern and traditional gift at the same time. The kit includes 120 Japanese stainless steel 6cr13 blades, an antique bronze double-edge safety razor, a classic stand, and a synthetic brush. Make him look great with this top-notch shaving equipment that you can order here.

Choose one of these 8 genuine and original gifts to make your dad feel loved and appreciated on Father’s Day. Whether he’s a grill master, a music enthusiast, a tech-savvy individual, or a gaming aficionado, there’s something on this list for him. Show your dad how much he means to you with a gift that reflects his unique personality, passions, and order from the comfort of your home.

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