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SaaS adoption
SaaS Adoption Grows As Cloud Expands

By 2022, organizations are expected to be running up to 75% of their workload on public and private cloud platforms. Leading a rise of SaaS adoption.

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The Fundamentals And Implications Of Serverless Blockchain

Serverless architecture and blockchain enhance some efficiencies and eliminate some of the maintenance costs of running an enterprise-grade network.

El poder está literalmente en nuestras manos2
5 Things Startups And Social Justice Movements Have In Common

How do we go from «moment» to movement? Read the five fundamentals that increase engagement and mobilization using the power of the Internet.

8 Social Media Trends
8 Social Media Trends [2021]

Social media presents companies an opportunity to build relationships that feel similar to friendships and less like transactions.

Tangelo encuentra el corazón emocional
Startup Video Goes Viral And Product Sales Grow 10X [Case Study]

At the end of the eight-week campaign, Giroptic’s performance at Facebook F8 was covered in some of the most influential technology publications such as TechCrunch, WIRED, and Forbes.

The Ultimate Pitch Deck For Your Startup
The Ultimate Pitch Deck For Your Startup

A stellar pitch deck can both fire up investors and help you understand your potential…

Portada Virgen de Guadalupe
La virgen de Guadalupe y su fuerte vínculo con los mexicanos

La devoción a la Virgen de Guadalupe en México se remonta a hace 490 años, su imagen ha sido utilizada para empatizar con el pueblo en muchas ocasiones.

blue and white logo guessing game
An Agile Methodology for Product Development

It’s easy to forget the apps as we know them didn’t exist a decade ago.…

From Seed to Success: Bridging the Gap Between Founders and Investors

Investors have money to spend. Founders need money to operate. How hard could it possibly be to get these two groups together? As it turns out, getting them together is not the problem.

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Startups: How To Increase Efficiency

Take heart and take heed. If you are starting a business or joining an early-stage startup, you are envied by 4 out of 10 working Americans who say they wish they could live your life. Another recent study found that nearly 2 out of 3 millennials dream of becoming entrepreneurs. You can take that as a vote of encouragement or a warning of future competition.