Elections 2020

Online Activism in 10 Easy Steps

Online activism is on the rise because COVID forced us to learn two things very…

Everything You Need to Know About The March On Washington

As Black Lives Matter protests in Portland and Chicago continue to draw attention, civil rights…

What Do Young Voters Want In Joe Biden’s VP Pick?

Joe Biden has much to gain by adding the youth electorate to his ring of supporters. A key strategy to winning youth support could come from Biden’s choice of running mate.

Joe Biden’s Pledge To The Latino Community Explained

The power of the Latino vote will be a deciding factor in the 2020 Presidential election. Joe Biden’s plan is based on (1) Expand access to quality, affordable health care (2) Invest in education from birth through 12th grade (3) Reform our immigration system and (4) Protect communities of color from environmental impacts and ensure polluters pay. Read our analysis.

The Politics Of Macomb County Examined

The November 2020 election is quickly approaching, and America will once again look to Michigan and Macomb County to see which way the tides will turn.

As Michigan’s Primaries Loom Close, Here’s a Look at Gov. Whitmer and The Black Community

As the first Democratic governor since 2010 and a candidate who was voted in by many Black voters, Governor Whitmer has a special obligation to this community. In the current moment of a global pandemic and a social uprising, it’s essential to examine how Governor Whitmer is living up to her responsibilities.

The Goya Boycott: How Trump Used Goya Foods To Divide The Latino Community

The Goya Boycott: How Trump Used Goya Foods To Divide The Latino Community.

Waking Up The Latino Electorate in 2020

Te Latino Electorate could drive the results of the Presidential election in 2020. Waking up the Latino Electorate is crucial.

Who is Susan Rice? An In-Depth Look at the Biden VP Pick No One is Talking About

As the 2020 presidential campaign heats up, all eyes turn to presumptive Democratic candidate Joe…

The International Student Debacle and Its Trickle-Down Effect

Students found to be in “unlawful” status are subject to “consequences,” including the initiation of “removal proceedings” (deportation).