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How to Find my Polling Place for the 2020 Presidential Election?

How to Find my Polling Place for the 2020 Presidential Election?

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Election Day is November 3rd, 2020. Here’s how to find your polling place. All you need is your mailing address. Below you’ll find helpful tips to get you ready for voting.

Register to vote or check if you are registered

If you’re registered or if you want to check your status, visit vote.gov and look up your state to start the simple process of checking your status. To verify that you’re registered check-in Can I vote. If you’re in Texas, follow this link to get information about the location of your polling place in Texas

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Absentee and early voting

Due to the Coronavirus, many States are allowing citizens to vote absentee by mail this year. If you are registered you can request an absentee ballot, but every State has its rules so be sure to follow them. Find out about your State’s options here or at nass.org

How to find your polling place:

  1. Your polling place is where you go to vote on Election Day.
  2. Polling place changes are possible due to coronavirus.
  3. Make sure to look up the location of your polling place and the hours of operation for your polling station before you head out on Election Day.

Google «where to vote» and you will find a box to write your address and find the nearest one.

Polling Place Locator service provided by vote.org

Polling Place Finder service provided by the State of Minnesota

NASS Polling Place Finder service provided by National Associations of Secretaries of State also known as NASSO

HeadCount Find your Polling Place by HeadCount. Provides an easy-to-read list of States and their polling place locators.

See Also

Get to the Polls –– Also, used by Google. This website is an initiative of the Voting Information Project (VIP), a partnership between state election officials and Democracy Works to connect voters with the election information they need to cast a ballot. Launched in 2008, VIP works with state and local election officials to provide official and up-to-date election information.

Be prepared for Election Day with your ID. Here is a site powered by the government that highlights the voter ID requirements.

Go to this site and roll your mouse over your State. A little bubble will appear next to it with the ID requirements for that State. Be sure to check the Voter ID requirements.

Remember that due to the pandemic situation it may take you longer to vote. In some cases, hours.

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