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Portada Bitso
What is Bitso? The Top Latin American Crypto Exchange

Bitso the top latin american crypto exchange continue its expansion. Learn how it works, buy and sell crypto easily.

Portada Coinbase en México
Coinbase Exchanges Cryptocurrencies Remittances for Pesos in México

The Coinbase exchange reaches the Mexican market with a proposal for cryptocurrency remittances through self-service stores.

Portada colapso de Terra UST
La debacle de Terra LUNA y su nueva propuesta Terra 2.0

¿Porqué colapso Terra LUNA y UST? Después de ser una de las blockchain más prometedoras de cripto. Y cuál es su nueva proyecto de recuperación Terra 2.0

Portada algorand resuelve trilema de blockchain
Algorand Solves “Blockchain Trilemma” with PPoS Consensus Mechanism

Algorand is a blockchain that solves the «Blockchain trilemma» with its new consensus mechanism developed by Silvio Micali.

Portada Algorand la blockchain con huella de carbono cero
Algorand, a more Democratic Blockchain and Zero-Carbon

Algorand, blockchain with zero carbon footprint. It has the potential to develop digital currencies issued by the world’s central banks (CBDC). It also makes an alliance with FIFA and goes to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Portada Digecoin 1
What Is Dogecoin? Price, Investors, and Perspectives

Dogecoin is the cryptocurrency that comes out of a meme. And it is currently the one with the highest annual emission rate in the world. In addition, celebrities such as Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla, among others, already invest in the currency.

What are Cryptocurrencies
What are Cryptocurrencies? Everything You Need to Know

Cryptocurrency guide, what they are, how they work, what are their advantages and disadvantages. Also what is happening with them today.

Portada Rise of Stablecoins as Crypto market collapses
The Rise of Stablecoins as Crypto Market Collapses

Rise of stablecoins is due to the huge volatility in the crypto market. Stablecoins attract institutional money, mitigating the risks associated to regular cryptos.

criptomonedas de 2022 portada
10 Cryptocurrencies with a Promising Future in Q1’22

2021 year of NFT, DeFi, blockchain and the metaverse. Learn about the 10 cryptocurrencies with the best future and how they are doing in the first months of 2022.

Copia de latinx
The 4 Best Apps to Invest in Mexico

Learn about the best apps to invest from Mexico in Amazon, Tesla or cryptocurrencies, no matter what investment experience you have.