¿What are NFTs
What are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)?

NFTs are Blockchain-based collectible digital assets. How do they work?

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Technologies applied to tourism

These technologies applied to tourism have revolutionized the industry. They allow to personalize and improve the user experience.

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DJI FPV drone: a new immersive flight experience

Leading drone brand DJI, redefines drones by launching its new drone ready to fly in first-person view: the DJI FPV

8 women revolutionizing startups in Latin America

Meet 8 women at the forefront of Latin American Startups, revolutionizing how to do business, develop technology and interact with users.

Stanford University Latino entrepeneurship
The State of Latino Entrepreneurship in 2021 According To Stanford

Stanford University has created an initiative to promote Latino entrepreneurship in the United States by providing useful information for decision-making. Learn about the results of the Stanford study.

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Increase Digital Revenue Scaling E-commerce Automation

There’s no doubt that self-serve transactions are the heart of e-commerce. Advances in intelligent automation will be the key to providing more choices to more people in less time.

We must teach our children
How This 13-Year-Old Activist Took A Stand Against Gun Violence

WalkWoke is a protest sign-making app developed to magnify the voices of all and unite…

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How To Scale Customer Support?

Surely, there are more than just 7 customer support KPIs out there. However, these 7 are the most important ones to measure, and track. By utilizing these metrics, you can see your company’s customer support lacks and possibly improve your team’s performance.

How To Build An MVP

How to build a Minimum Viable Product in 7 easy steps. Consolidated Silicon Valley expertise supported by Startup Genome data.

AI is Driving our Future Workforce
AI And The Future Of Work

AI will add trillions to the global economy by breaking even on job losses by…