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2021: Top 5 Technology Trends

2020 was a big year for tech companies. Together, the five largest companies in technology, including Apple, Alphabet (Google), Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, comprised 37% of the S&P 500’s total gains and we’re on track to spend as much as $3.4 trillion on digital services in 2020.

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How A 100-Year-Old Family Business Embraced Digital Transformation Successfully

These are lessons from a Digital Transformation across 20+ locations, 500 employees, and millions of dollars in revenue. Read on to find out how we beat their competitors with technology. We worked closely with management to make Digital part of their core processes.

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Startup Video Goes Viral And Product Sales Grow 10X [Case Study]

At the end of the eight-week campaign, Giroptic’s performance at Facebook F8 was covered in some of the most influential technology publications such as TechCrunch, WIRED, and Forbes.

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Chatbots: Trends and Growth

Chatbots have already taken over in some ways. In early 2015, the top bot-based messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Viber) surpassed the big four social networking apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) in global active monthly users.

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Why Voice Tech Is The Future Of Human-Computer Interaction

Voice Technology is Getting Personal. Not since the smartphone have we seen such adoption. Voice…

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5 Workforce Diversity Myths Debunked

As a diverse team, our collective strength and value arise from our varied backgrounds, beliefs,…

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7 Ingredients Of A Successful Corporate Venture Studio

This article provides a blueprint on how senior leadership at a corporation should think when launching a Venture Studio.

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Top 3 Venture Studio Models Targeting Startups

Here we provide a brief analysis and a general introduction to the alternative forms of investment happening in the venture-building landscape and an overview of the various types of venture studios in the market.

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What Is A Venture Studio?

Venture Studios share resources, such as teams, partnerships, and capital with the startup. They’re called Startup Studios in Silicon Valley

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The Ultimate Pitch Deck For Your Startup

A stellar pitch deck can both fire up investors and help you understand your potential…