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How are startup studios different?

Here we provide an overview of how Venture Studios link venture capital firms, incubators, and accelerators. Also, we provide an outline of their primary differences.

How Do Venture Studios Work?

Venture Studios could be the answer we’ve been looking for.

Accelerating ROI Bring in value add investors Opportunity for Value Creation
Search Fund For The Digital Age

Search Fund Digital: The goal is to automate logistics and speed up time-to-market while increasing margins.

How To Create A Cap Table For Your Startup With Examples

Fred Wilson, a New York-based VC, writes that a cap table stores all major stockholders of the company, as well as option holders

How to identify Fake News
CRAAP: How to identify Fake News with the CRAAP test?

Do shark attacks and ice-cream sales have somthing in common?

Online Activism in 10 Easy Steps
Online Activism in 10 Easy Steps

Online activism is on the rise because COVID forced us to learn two things very…

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The Citizen’s Guide to Promoting Political Candidates on Social Media

With November’s general elections on the horizon amid an environment of national uncertainty, many voters…

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7 Tactics for Joe Biden’s Campaign to Get Out the Youth Vote

While current polls place presidential candidate Joe Biden ahead of President Trump by double digits, Biden’s campaign still finds itself struggling to gain traction with young voters. Below, I examine different ways the campaign can boost its appeal with this critical demographic.

Backstage Capital Launches Accelerator For Black And Brown Founders

Backstage Capital, in partnership with Tangelo Technologies, is igniting their startup Accelerator for underestimated entrepreneurs across four cities in the US and abroad.