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Swing state map 2016
Presidential Election 2020: How to Vote in 5 Key Battleground States

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge election preparation efforts, I provide a guideline for how to vote in 5 critical battleground states.

Democrat and Republican party logos
Identifying the New 2020 Swing States and Why They Matter

After analyzing recent polling, here’s a rundown of the 2020 election’s newly emerging swing states.

Online Activism in 10 Easy Steps
Online Activism in 10 Easy Steps

Online activism is on the rise because COVID forced us to learn two things very…

OLIVIA LEWIS Olivia Lewis covers politics, culture, and election-related news for interesante.com. READ NEXT How To Protest Online And Be Heard In 10 Easy Steps As Black Lives Matter protests in Portland and Chicago continue to draw attention, civil rights leaders marched in the nation’s capital
Everything You Need to Know About The March On Washington

As Black Lives Matter protests in Portland and Chicago continue to draw attention, civil rights…

Joe Biden
What Do Young Voters Want In Joe Biden’s VP Pick?

Joe Biden has much to gain by adding the youth electorate to his ring of supporters. A key strategy to winning youth support could come from Biden’s choice of running mate.

Susan Rice 2019 scaled 1
Who is Susan Rice? An In-Depth Look at the Biden VP Pick

As the 2020 presidential campaign heats up, all eyes turn to presumptive Democratic candidate Joe…

Woodrow Wilson School Shawnee Oklahoma
Why American Schools Are Changing Historically Racist Names And Why It Matters

In recent weeks, social justice activists have called for a widespread reckoning with the United States’ longstanding racial inequalities.
This movement includes a campaign to rename schools, monuments, and other public spaces that currently honor slave-owning and/or discriminatory individuals.

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The Citizen’s Guide to Promoting Political Candidates on Social Media

With November’s general elections on the horizon amid an environment of national uncertainty, many voters…

joe biden feature image
7 Tactics for Joe Biden’s Campaign to Get Out the Youth Vote

While current polls place presidential candidate Joe Biden ahead of President Trump by double digits, Biden’s campaign still finds itself struggling to gain traction with young voters. Below, I examine different ways the campaign can boost its appeal with this critical demographic.

Silicon Valley Responds to Black Lives Matter
Silicon Valley Responds to Black Lives Matter: Diversity Theater or Genuine Progress?

Here is what Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Silicon Valley Bank, and others have announced regarding donations for racial justice advocacy and how it compares to previous diversity practices and total monetary assets.