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Accelerance: Outsourcing of Specialized Software Development

Accelerance: Outsourcing of Specialized Software Development

  • Accelerance is a company that provides custom software development services for global team management. With more than two decades of experience, Accelerance is at the forefront in providing efficient development solutions to companies in the areas of software development.
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Accelerance is a company that provides custom software development services for global team management. After the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the digitization of companies was imminent, and it was mandatory to move to a remote work model. This implied that the outsourcing model expanded its scope. Learn about the outsourcing market in the North America and Latin America region, and also about Accelerance, a leading company developing solutions to make Outsourcing a success. 

Accelerance, Software Development Services to Manage Outsourcing

With more than two decades of experience, Accelerance is at the forefront in providing efficient development solutions to companies in software development. With the aim of «professional guidance for planning, sourcing and managing global teams» to «achieve valuable benefits without risks and challenges.»

We make outsourcing successful with innovative partner selection services and tailor-made consulting solutions to ensure your desired outcomes.

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What is Outsourcing?

For the past two decades, the term outsourcing has become a double-edged sword in an ever more globalized economy. On one side, it is inevitable for international corporations moving certain operations to countries or regions. Because they provide one or more benefits like fiscal incentives, skilled labor for lower wages leads to lower operating costs that eventually benefit consumers, improvement in logistics-related efficiency, and reduction of supply-chain-related costs. 

Globalization and Outsourcing

During that period, the success of countries in Asia was directly attributed to offering corporations a combination of these conditions. The COVID-19 pandemic of the past two years has highlighted the delicate balance on which globalization relies. Especially when it comes to supply chain and logistics, it is unlikely there will be a profound restructuring of these anytime soon. 

On the other side of Outsourcing lies the economic blight left in the wake of former industrial and manufacturing giants because they no longer produce anything in their countries of origin. These «good middle-class jobs» in manufacturing areas were the key to the economic success of the U.S. and Europe after the Second World War. Its evaporation led to significant political fallout in those regions in the age of globalization. 

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The New Needs of the Digital Age

Internet progress helped giant manufacturing economies transform into technology and digital innovation powerhouses. Suddenly, the G.D.P. of developed countries was based not on the material, tangible stuff generated by that economy but rather by things seen on computer or phone screens. 

The information economy had arrived, with its legions of software developers, data scientists, and entrepreneurs. This economy brought a slew of tech giants like Google, Meta, Uber, Tesla, Amazon, and hundreds of others. Also turned places like Palo Alto and Seattle into hubs for the information economy.

A Quick Look at Outsourcing Statistics

According to the 2022 Global Software Outsourcing Trends and Rates Guide published by Accelerance, the outsourcing market is already seeing great potential. The report states that «a growing majority of companies … currently outsource at least part of their application development». It’s expected the numbers to grow in a market revenue of 108.7 billion to 133.3 billion by the end of 2025. Additionally, the large gap in unfilled jobs in the technology labor force in the United States will continue to increase.

Currently, there are approximately 900,000 unfilled jobs, which will reach 1.2 million in the next five years, with a particular need for backend and full-stack developers leading the ranks. Among recruiters, 38% mention that their respective companies are looking for professionals that meet that skill set. In terms of programming languages, the top five in-demand (and by medium-term trends) are Javascript, Java, Python, C#, and PHP.

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Source: Accelerance Analysis 2021.

Striking the Balance

Accelerance is quickly becoming and placing itself as the premier global outsourcing advisor to MuleSoft (acquired by SalesForce in 2018 for 6.5 billion USD), SharpSlide, BullHorn, and AdRoll. It has built an extensive network of more than 250 software development teams worldwide, with a total of 25,000 system developers covering over 100 technologies applied to more than 60 industries. Thus, they work evaluating and vetting over 8,000 companies worldwide and considering more than 500 parameters for their review. 

They have created a carefully curated set of elite software development teams to meet the various needs of their clients, without the need for companies to have large in-house teams. This method provides value in terms of scaling, project management, flexibility, and of course, quality assurance. With over 100 high-tech skills available in their portfolio, Accelerance is the largest global network available for the needs of businesses in various areas of technologies and platforms. 

Specialized Software Development 

Placing high-skilled development teams where the market requires them is not the only essential service Accelerance provides. Another area with an enormous advantage over other outsourcing companies is its consultancy process. Accelerance has developed a carefully crafted approach to align the goals and objectives with those of its clients. 

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With each step of the software development process, they have advisors who can liaise with their client’s top echelons to identify needs and set priorities. They identify critical areas of opportunity to minimize the time needed to introduce their global development teams. This process of matching their certified teams with the client’s needs is one of the reasons why Accelerance has created a thriving global network. 

A key area for Accelerance is its vision of proactive risk management. They have elaborated a list of 15 risk indicators in software development outsourcing, divided into three categories: business, management, and technology. These categories are carefully identified and assessed because they believe that «the success of failure of [a company’s] software outsourcing is both predictable and manageable.» 

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There’s No Turning Back: Outsourcing After COVID-19

Suppose there was no return from manufacturing to an information economy transition. In that case, fundamental questions of the nature of work must be asked (especially in our post-pandemic world): Does an information economy company require dozens of software development teams? Does the traditional pipeline of software development even make sense anymore? 

Outsourcing must also consider relevant questions from the employee side: Do people still look to work for just one company? In the internet world, where the monotony of the assembly line was removed, do software developers want to do the same work repeatedly, day in and day out?

Accelerance Satisfies Global Needs for Outsourcing

The idea of Outsourcing was certainly an essential element of the transition from the industrial and manufacturing economy to the information economy. Now that the world economy is more globalized than ever. Technology companies have economic, social, and political impacts in multiple countries, also on various continents, visionary technology leaders like Accelerance have a vital role in the foreseeable future. 

Tech companies and corporations require flexible teams in multifaceted programs to minimize turnover. Also, in our COVID-19 environment, they need teams that can work around the clock and the globe to develop, test, implement quickly, and scale the next great start-up. Accelerance, without a doubt, will lead the way in global outsourcing advisor. 

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