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What is an exit
What is an exit?

It occurs when the founders of the startup decide to sell their business in exchange for compensation.

Why is it important to share your idea
Why is it important to share your idea?

Don’t worry that someone might steal your idea, not many have the courage to carry it out. So share your idea as much as you can with the right people.

What is an angel investor
What is an angel investor?

Angel investors are successful entrepreneurs, who invest their own capital in ideas with high growth potential.

What is ROI
What is ROI?

ROI refers to the net profit obtained on the investment made, which helps to calculate the performance of the business.

What is the seed capital
What is the seed capital?

Seed capital is the initial financing of a new company. Necessary to drive development in its early stage.

How often should KPIs be measured
How often should KPIs be measured?

The frequency to measure KPIs varies, depending on their characteristics and how the information is collected.

What is a KPI
What is a KPI?

KPIs improve strategy, creating an analytical basis for decision making and focusing attention on what is most important.

What are the most important KPIs a startup should measure
What are the most important KPIs a startup should measure?

These are the most relevant KPIs that a startup should measure from the beginning, regardless of its industry line.

Whats my idea worth
What’s my idea worth?

Many people may have the same idea as you and think that it is the best idea in the world, but if they don’t implement it, it will never come true.

What is a pitch
What is a pitch?

A pitch is used to present a business idea in a limited time, usually lasting seconds, or a couple of minutes.