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What is the seed capital?

What is the seed capital?

What is the seed capital

The seed capital is the initial financing of a new company. Necessary to drive development in its early stage. It almost always comes from the entrepreneur and his close circle. Its destination is the startup needs of the company and is characterized by no return. One way to obtain seed capital is through the 3Fs: Friends, Family, and Fools. Amounts range from $500,000 to $2 million, although larger seed rounds have become more common recently.

«Individual projects within a business incubator could go out to seek seed funding from their partners and networks.»

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Storybook superó en solo nueve horas su meta inicial de inversión 350,000 dólares. Así cerraron su segunda ronda de inversión (capital semilla) con 1,2 millones de dólares a través del sindicato de Jason Calanis.

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