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Las apps de delivery favoritas de México y Ecuador
Las apps de delivery favoritas de México y Ecuador

Desde el inicio de la pandemia, las apps de delivery han crecido sustancialmente. Para hoy,…

MOBS la solucion para regalos personalizados y unicos
Sorprende a tus amigos hispanohablantes con regalos digitales únicos y personalizados de esta startup

¿Por qué solo damos regalos en ocasiones especiales? ¿Por qué no un miércoles cualquiera, puede…

Disruptive Digital Transformation
Unleashing Your Creativity: A Friendly Guide to Sparking Digital Innovation

What do industry disruptors do differently? Looking carefully at companies that have added value and been wildly successful, a few commonalities become apparent.

Optimizing Content
8 keys to optimizing your content and attracting 6 billion daily searches on Google

Google reaches more than 4.540 million people daily; 59% of the world’s population are internet…

Tarang Amin the CEO of e.l.f. Beauty explained how customer experience comes first for his low priced cruelty free cosmetics. His Instagram followers demand it.
Technology is Changing the Face of the Beauty Industry

Disruptive digital tech is ready for its close-up. Several new developments in the digital world…

woman in rim with trial lens in ophthalmology clinic
Minimum Viable Product (M.V.P.): Ideation And Validation

Often we see a mismatch between the solution and the audience. In other words, there’s…

Portada financial health
Lack of liquidity is the silent killer of business health

Cash flow is a problem that companies of all kinds face, here we present some cases where they managed to continue with company lifespans

How Organizations Can Safeguard Sensitive Data in the Age of Disruption

Four of the five largest data breaches have happened in the past few years. Yahoo’s biggest…

full moon on a daybreak
How To Optimize And Produce High-Quality Content On Your Site

Position in Google by quickly getting traffic, and making their algorithms select your content as a reference.

Aun no está claro si el resurgimiento de la computación
How IoT and Network Edge Expansion are Dispersing the Cloud

The cloud remains a mystery and a relatively new concept to many business leaders, despite…