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Silicon Valley’s Quest To Decentralize The Internet 

The Bay Area loves a crisis.  It’s 2022, and the Valley is abuzz with decentralization…

Portada Cap table con ejemplos
Cómo crear un «cap table» para tu startup con ejemplos

Aprende a plantear el cap table para tu startup. Esta herramienta es fundamental cuando vas a levantar capital y contratar.

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How Content Discovery Is Intelligently Helping Brands Reach Consumers

By utilizing intuitive, data-based logic, a content discovery engine can help direct customers towards the the specific products and services

How To Build An MVP

How to build a Minimum Viable Product in 7 easy steps. Consolidated Silicon Valley expertise supported by Startup Genome data.

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How To Build A Digital Native Brand

The key differentiator between brick-and-mortar retailers and newer digital native brands is «mindset.»

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How This Small Beauty Brand Beat Industry Giants With One Single Blog Post

Relevant content is good, but making your content relevant is more powerful. A small beauty company was failing online, and competition from big brands was heating up.

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Yachay University: Ecuador’s Tech Dream On Pause

I’m from Ecuador, and my professional career happened in Silicon Valley, and nothing would make…

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2021: Top 5 Technology Trends

2020 was a big year for tech companies. Together, the five largest companies in technology, including Apple, Alphabet (Google), Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, comprised 37% of the S&P 500’s total gains and we’re on track to spend as much as $3.4 trillion on digital services in 2020.

Cuando innovas tienes que estar preparado para que la gente te diga que estás loco
How A 100-Year-Old Family Business Embraced Digital Transformation Successfully

These are lessons from a Digital Transformation across 20+ locations, 500 employees, and millions of dollars in revenue. Read on to find out how we beat their competitors with technology. We worked closely with management to make Digital part of their core processes.

Humans have merged
Why Voice Tech Is The Future Of Human-Computer Interaction

Voice Technology is Getting Personal. Not since the smartphone have we seen such adoption. Voice…