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What is a startup?

What is a startup?

What is a startup

A startup is an emerging company with a high technological component that fosters an innovative idea that stands out in the market and has great growth potential.

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Startup examples


Affirm revolutionizes consumer loans. It allows unbanked users to access purchases with deferred payments without interest, aligning incentives between retailers and users.


Palantir is an artificial intelligence startup valued at $ 18 billion. It emerged from Silicon Valley to help manage Big Data. Some of their collaborations with government entities in the United States are controversial.


C3.ai, a leader in enterprise Artificial Intelligence, went public with prices between $31- $34 per share. It generated $160 million in revenue with an annual growth rate of 80%. It currently offers two artificial intelligence software: C3 AI Suite and C3 AI Applications. They will soon launch C3.ai Ex Machina.

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