Facebook Diversity y NALEO en vivo: El voto latino en Estados Unidos es urgente

Facebook Diversity y NALEO: Sonia Sroka, Jefa de Comunicaciones Multiculturales de Facebook con Arturo Vargas, CEO de NALEO.
Equipar a la comunidad latina con información sobre cuándo, dónde y cómo votar; garantiza que tengamos los recursos necesarios para ser representados.

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46 Million Debt-Ridden American Students Pay $6B in Monthly Interest to Wall St.

It is time to recognize that the cruel experiment in financing higher education through student…

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How Latino Colorism Fuels Central American Migrant Caravans

“You don’t have to worry, you know. You’re not that dark,” my friend said to me.

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Detroit and COVID-19: A Struggling City Fights Back

Detroit is a hardworking city with a long and difficult history. A city where 90% of the citizens are people of color.

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Presidential Election 2020: How to Vote in 5 Key Battleground States

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge election preparation efforts, I provide a guideline for how to vote in 5 critical battleground states.

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Identifying the New 2020 Swing States and Why They Matter

After analyzing recent polling, here’s a rundown of the 2020 election’s newly emerging swing states.

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Kamala Harris Promises $100 Billion in Low-Interest Loans to Minority-Owned Businesses

Kamala Harris promises $100 billion in low-interest loans to minority-owned businesses. Latino-owned businesses will benefit greatly.

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Strength in numbers: How a pro-immigrant Latino vote ensures Trump’s defeat in November

During presidential elections, undocumented immigrants feel powerless. Here’s how the undocumented can mobilize eligible voters.

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How 10 School Districts Across Macomb County Reopen During The Pandemic Of 2020

On June 30th, Governor Gretchen Whitmer released the MI Safe Schools Roadmap, a 63-page document…

Online Activism in 10 Easy Steps
Online Activism in 10 Easy Steps

Online activism is on the rise because COVID forced us to learn two things very…