Covid vaccination

Videos: Programa de Vacunación contra el Covid-19 en California

Grower-Shipper Association of Central California unió fuerzas con Clínica de Salud del Valle de Salinas…

Portada 6 mejores delivery apps en México

Discovering the Top Delivery Apps in Mexico: A Comprehensive Guide

This article highlights some of the most popular delivery platforms in Mexico. It provides a comprehensive overview of the features, services and benefits offered by these apps, making it easier for consumers to choose the best option for their delivery needs. The author recognizes the significant impact that the delivery industry has had on the Mexican economy and emphasizes the importance of these apps in helping businesses and individuals access essential goods and services.

Ruben Portada Farmers GSA

How a Group of Farmers Harvested Hope and Helped California Farmworkers

Sadly, it took a global pandemic — complete with empty grocery shelves and bouts with…

Covid vaccination

Videos: Voluntary Vaccination Program in California Reaches 40,000 Essential Farmworkers

The Grower-Shipper Association of Central California joined forces with Clinica de Salud del Valle de…

Thousand of farmworkers vaccinated

Chris Valadez: The Grower-Shipper Association Reached 40,000 Vaccine Shots In Record Time

Protecting the health and the well-being of the farmworker community became a priority for Chris…

Volunteers protecting farmworkers

Dr. Carissa Purnell: Children’s Mental Health Improves When Parents Are Vaccinated Against COVID

Dr. Carissa Purnell, Director at the Alisal Family Resource Center, believes these voluntary vaccination clinics…

40000 farmworkers vaccinated Salinas Valley

Luis Alejo, Monterey County Supervisor: 40,000+ Vaccines Administered to Essential Farmworkers

Have you thought about who grows your food? The answer is farmworkers and a great…

Trabajadores agricolas vacunados portada farmers GSA

Más de 40 mil trabajadores agrícolas vacunados en California en tiempo récord

Te has detenido a pensar ¿Quién cultiva tus vegetales? Los trabajadores agrícolas, y un gran…

Farmers committed to protecting farmworkers

Mark Borman: Farmers And Farmworkers Working Together Beat A Global Pandemic

The farmworkers of the Salinas Valley in California –the Salad Bowl of the world– worked…

We must teach our children

How This 13-Year-Old Activist Took A Stand Against Gun Violence

WalkWoke is a protest sign-making app developed to magnify the voices of all and unite…