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Aun no está claro si el resurgimiento de la computación
How IoT and Network Edge Expansion are Dispersing the Cloud

The cloud remains a mystery and a relatively new concept to many business leaders, despite…

Portada notco
NotCo, biotech chilena produce alimentos veganos con Inteligencia Artificial

NotCo, biotech unicornio elabora alimentos veganos con un algoritmo busca replicar productos animales para reducir impacto medio ambiental.

Portada machine Learning 2
Una introducción al Machine Learning

Machine Learning y su impacto en nuestras vidas, como una línea de la Inteligencia Artificial imita y mejora procesos humanos de aprendizaje.

Alejandro Lopez Vozy
Vozy, IA de voz para empresas en busca de talento latino

Vozy , transforma la atención al cliente a través de tecnología de voz; va por la Ronda A de inversión y busca talento latinoamericano.

Data visualizations emerge
The Role of Data Visualization in Activating Business Intelligence

What can Business Intelligence (BI) do? Can it measurably improve company performance? Investors say yes.…

AI is Driving our Future Workforce
AI And The Future Of Work

AI will add trillions to the global economy by breaking even on job losses by…

Interior Horizontal Interesante 25
Retail AI: Integrating Human Emotion Inside ML Algorithms

Companies are seeking to embed a critical element in machine learning, Human Insight. Emotions, as…

8 Social Media Trends
8 Social Media Trends [2021]

Social media presents companies an opportunity to build relationships that feel similar to friendships and less like transactions.

Trends in Tech LinkedIn Post Header
2021: Top 5 Technology Trends

2020 was a big year for tech companies. Together, the five largest companies in technology, including Apple, Alphabet (Google), Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, comprised 37% of the S&P 500’s total gains and we’re on track to spend as much as $3.4 trillion on digital services in 2020.

Like electricity
Chatbots: Trends and Growth

Chatbots have already taken over in some ways. In early 2015, the top bot-based messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Viber) surpassed the big four social networking apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) in global active monthly users.