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How To Build A Digital Native Brand

The key differentiator between brick-and-mortar retailers and newer digital native brands is «mindset.»

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Retail AI: Integrating Human Emotion Inside ML Algorithms

Companies are seeking to embed a critical element in machine learning, Human Insight. Emotions, as…

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Transform Legacy To Digital-First Using A Serverless & Kubernetes Architecture

Transform your company to Digital-First with user-centric products. Serverless and Kubernetes are your bridge to Digital-First.

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How This Small Beauty Brand Beat Industry Giants With One Single Blog Post

Relevant content is good, but making your content relevant is more powerful. A small beauty company was failing online, and competition from big brands was heating up.

SaaS Adoption Grows As Cloud Expands

By 2022, organizations are expected to be running up to 75% of their workload on public and…

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The Fundamentals And Implications Of Serverless Blockchain

Serverless architecture and blockchain enhance some efficiencies and eliminate some of the maintenance costs of running an enterprise-grade network.

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5 Things Startups And Social Justice Movements Have In Common

How do we go from «moment» to movement? Read the five fundamentals that increase engagement and mobilization using the power of the Internet.

8 Social Media Trends
8 Social Media Trends [2021]

Social media presents companies an opportunity to build relationships that feel similar to friendships and less like transactions.

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Lessons From Yachay Tech University: What Ecuador’s Silicon Valley Got Right

I’m from Ecuador, and my professional career happened in Silicon Valley. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Ecuador prosper with technology. Here are some suggestions.

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Selling Cookies Was Hard. Here’s What I Learned at 11 Years Old

When I was 11, I made 12 cookie bags and I wanted to sell them to students at Stanford. Easy as pie, I thought. Little did I know that it is much harder than that. I did it but I had to iterate a lot and improvise on the spot.