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Andreessen Horowitz: Líder en Venture Capital Tecnológico

Andreessen Horowitz: Líder en Venture Capital Tecnológico

  • Andreessen Horowitz, Venture Capital firm backs entrepreneurs turning to technology with funding to support financial, entrepreneurial, biotech, and virtual currency projects.
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For any startup, it is imperative to find the best corporate advisors as a guide to navigating work structures, to attract the best talent that meets the company’s needs, and to connect with strategic and reliable investors. In a16z, they present a proposal that allows entrepreneurs to make negotiations practically and genuinely based on the trajectory and lasting successes.

What Is Andreessen Horowitz?

It is a Venture Capital firm founded by U.S. entrepreneurs Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz in 2009. It is better known by the numeronym a16z. According to Techopedia, the number is the first and last letter of the firm, with the number of characters in between.

This firm focuses on backing entrepreneurs turning to technology to build tomorrow. What characterizes a16z is that it has $28.2 billion in funding to support financial, entrepreneurial, biotech, and virtual currency projects.

About the Founders

Marc Andreessen is an investor and software engineer by trade. His first brush with fame was when he co-founded Netscape, a web browser company. He sold the shares in 1998 to AOL for $4.2 billion. Andreessen’s most significant achievement has been as an investor in Facebook. Currently, Andreessen is a consultant for Asana and is on the management team at CollabNet. Andreessen is a supporter of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen, founders of Adreessen Horowitz
Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen.

Ben is an entrepreneur, investor, blogger, and author of two books. He is a tech entrepreneur who debuted in enterprise software sales with EDS, an impressive first client. EDS is the most significant data processing and outsourcing services organization in the United States.

Ben and Marc met when Ben interviewed for a job at Netscape communications, which Marc had co-founded. Andreessen and Horowitz grew Opsware into a hundred large enterprise customers, with a staff of 550 employees and annual revenues of more than $100 million. In July 2007, these entrepreneurs sold Opsware to Hewlett-Packard for $1.6 billion in cash.

Marc Andreessen’s Statement: “It’s Time to Build”

In the essay “It’s Time to Build,” Marc Andreessen refers to the impact of the unexpected coronavirus pandemic on the world’s economy. He reflects on the destruction it wreaked on financial platforms that were not well-grounded to cope with a radical change in their structure.

He assures that the intention to reconstruct the whole system surrounding them is born among the groups of investors, businessmen, and politicians. Still, it is essential to recognize the need to agree on the same point without political or demographic distinctions.

Andreessen Horowitz Enhancing Technology

Lack of Damage Prevention

Andreessen identifies the problem as a lack of damage prevention and prejudice. This corresponds to the inability to see risks and consequences in an imaginary way to build solid systems that are effective in real scenarios.

As an example, He raises the creation of vaccines and treatments against covid. Health workers have put an enormous effort into attacking the virus. This fact contrasts with the lack of factories that can meet the demand for these vaccines and medicines; precisely because they have not been adequately prepared.

The Key Is Collaboration

One aspect that stands out among his opinions is that this pandemic highlighted the lack of reliable means and practical processes to make monetary transactions on the United States government towards the most affected families and businesses.

Marc affirms that there are multimillion-dollar investments around the world destined for infrastructure or entertainment. Therefore, he does not consider money as a significant obstacle. Still, he promotes the initiative to make collaborations between politics and the public sector. He insists on the prevention of other damages that may appear if a new pandemic or another type of global crisis were to occur.

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According to Andreessen, building is the key for everyone to achieve the true «American dream»: to have a place to live, a dignified education, and the medical attention they rightfully deserve.

Spreading Capital Throughout Different Funds

Culture and Identity

  • American Dynamism: In this investment, they direct their perspective toward founders and companies with ideas to promote U.S. progress in aerospace, defense, public safety, education, housing, supply chain, industry, and manufacturing, through civic-minded technological innovations.
American dream
  • Cultural Leadership Fund: These finances are destined to open up opportunities for more young African Americans in the technology industry. They create as well a connection between the world’s most influential cultural leaders and the best technology companies.
  • Talent x Opportunity: It helps accelerate the growth and impact of emerging technology companies that invest in traditionally underrepresented founders. They meticulously select a group of students and process their ideas in pursuit of turning them into successful companies. Click here to look at the TxO Cohort 2 (January-July 2022).


  • Bio + Health: They seek to create a new generation of multidisciplinary companies with sufficient expertise in their fields of study. They connect bio companies with investors who are also passionate about supporting the medical, health, and biological sectors.
  • Consumer: a16z identifies companies with novel ideas that improve people’s quality of life through changes in transportation, education, interrelationships, and work environments. They provide expertise and guidance to create a thriving business culture.

Cypto and Fintech

  • Crypto: They support the building of companies and protocols for all types of cryptos through long-term investments, operational advice to entrepreneurs, and ethical management of funding and creators’ rights.
  • Fintech: They focus on providing a mix of financial and technological tools to companies that are putting their efforts into taking the best of traditional economic transactions and converting them into more practical and secure digital structures.
Innovation and Technology is Crypto


  • Enterprise: With a team of experts who started as founders and are now significant investors, a16z supports the next generation of entrepreneurs, transforming how business is done worldwide.
  • Growth: With this fund, they promote investments in the early stages of the companies, with consultancy in terms of team building, marketing and branding of the company, and corporate development.

How Significant Is the Influence of Andreessen Horowitz?

Despite not being the largest or most experienced, in 13 years Andreessen Horowitz has become one of the most well-known and sought-after venture companies in Silicon Valley. They have managed to stand out for how they unite business and social growth.

a16z has an interesting way of doing business. High-caliber investors are experts in trading multimillion-dollar stocks, but they do not forget their roots and how they started. They identify with emerging talents, believe in their ideas, enhance them, polish them, expose them, and most importantly, recognize them as essential products. This allows them to be among the largest companies.

Technology is their flag. With it, they intend to bring to light all the advances that can improve the quality of life of anyone in the world. This company is an example that financial investment goes further when its scope is driven by people willing to think about collective well-being.

Its portfolio speaks for itself, take a look at this link.

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