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Navigating 2020: School Reopenings in 10 Macomb County Districts

Navigating 2020: School Reopenings in 10 Macomb County Districts

  • Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently released state plans to reopen schools in the fall. Here are the details for Macomb County.
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On June 30th, Governor Gretchen Whitmer released the MI Safe Schools Roadmap, a 63-page document detailing the various scenarios for students returning to school based on the state of the pandemic in Michigan. As the school year quickly approaches for Michigan students, the question of what school life will be like is a big one. Below, I look at 10 school districts in Macomb County, Michigan, and what they’ve revealed so far about their plans for the fall.

  1. Anchor Bay School District
  2. Center Line Public Schools
  3. Clintondale Community Schools 
  4. L’anse Creuse Public Schools
  5. Warren Consolidated Schools
  6. Chippewa Valley Schools
  7. Eastpointe Community Schools
  8. Fraser Public Schools
  9. Lake Shore Public Schools
  10. Southlake Schools

Anchor Bay School District

Anchor Bay School District

Anchor Bay School District is a district in the northeast part of Macomb County that is home to 12 schools and approximately 6,100 students. So far, Anchor Bay has announced two options for students in the upcoming school year:

100% In-Person Instruction

  • Students and staff may be required to complete a health questionnaire
  • All students and staff must wear face masks when entering buildings
  • Students in K-5 will remain in the classroom throughout the day (not required to wear masks in the classroom)
  • Students in 6-12 will be required to wear face masks in classrooms and common areas
  • Specialized schedules designed to minimize exposure
  • Students encouraged to carry backpacks and avoid locker use
  • Students not permitted to congregate in hallways
  • Elementary students eat in classrooms
  • Students eat in common areas on a traditional rotating schedule
  • Students will not be required to wear masks while eating or drinking
  • Field trips and assemblies not allowed
  • Visitors to school facilities will be restricted to essential personnel

100% Online Instruction

  • Students expected to be engaged the same amount of time as in-person schooling
  • All courses taught by Anchor Bay teachers and will follow in-person course content
  • Students in K-5 expected to have the support and a “family learning coach” to help with at-home learning
  • Students in 6-12 will have a recommended schedule with flexibility for students to work at their own pace
  • Students may be asked to complete formal assessments and/or some activities in person.
  • Students who enroll are required to stay for at least one full semester
  • Devices available to students who need them

Center Line Public Schools

Center Line Public Schools

Center Line Public Schools is a district in the lower part of the county, serving primarily the cities of Center Line and Warren, and housing 6 schools and 2,600 students. Center Line has made very few public solidified decisions for the upcoming school year, electing instead to wait later in August to monitor the state of the pandemic in Michigan. According to a statement released on July 31st, however, Center Line is considering four scenarios:

  • Face-to-face learning
  • Hybrid learning
  • Remote learning
  • Intermittent virtual learning

In addition to these four scenarios, Center Line has also released news that all students in the district will be receiving a Chromebook in the fall, and is still actively recruiting students to the district through School of Choice.

Clintondale Community Schools 

Clintondale Community Schools

Clintondale Community Schools is a district in the southeastern part of the county that houses 11 schools and 2,800 students. While the district has released any extensive plans, so far the options are as follows:

Traditional Learning

While the specifications for traditional learning won’t be released until August 11th when the district releases its full reopening plan, in an August 4th statement, Clintondale mentioned some commitments for the upcoming school year:

  • Increased strategies for differentiating academic needs for all students
  • Increased access to technology and a streamlined technology platform
  • Increased focus on social and emotional learning
  • Family support and engagement opportunities to address whole-family needs

Virtual K-12

The public plan for virtual schooling has been pretty broad so far, but this is likely in preparation for the August 11th announcement. However, the district has released a few specifications for their plan:

  • Students enrolled in virtual K-12 will receive the same educational quality as those in face-to-face classes
  • Students will be provided a learning device (unspecified) upon completion of enrollment
  • Students enrolled in virtual K-12 can participate in athletics, CTE courses, student orgs, and other school activities

L’anse Creuse Public Schools

L’anse Creuse Public Schools

L’anse Creuse Public Schools is a larger district occupying about 37 miles of Macomb County with 17 schools and 10,500 students. Despite being a larger district, L’anse Creuse has offered a similar dual-option plan to other schools in the county:

In-Person Instruction

  • Detailed plan released on August 11th
  • Student classrooms and desks spaced out to allow for social distancing
  • Students and staff provided with facial coverings, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies

Full-time Virtual Program

  • Students will remain in classrooms of their assigned teacher, following the same pace as in-person classes
  • Class schedules largely the same as in-person classes
  • Students may choose to participate in electives, specialized classes, sports, and clubs
  • Students can move to virtual instruction at any time, but must wait until the end of the semester to move to face-to-face instruction
  • Devices loaned out to students without sufficient resources

Warren Consolidated Schools

L’anse Creuse Public Schools

Warren Consolidated Schools is another large district in the county with 25 schools and 14,400 students. As of the end of July, Warren Consolidated Schools is promoting most students utilizing in-person instruction in the fall, but has also publicly released a vague virtual program plan:

In-Person Instruction

  • Classrooms and desks spaced out as much as possible
  • Guests have limited access to school buildings
  • Staggered schedules to limit the number of students in the hallways
  • Staggered lunch schedules with assigned cafeteria seating for K-8
  • Students and staff answer basic screening questions upon arrival at school each day
  • Guidelines for cleaning and other protocols as dictated by Governor Whitmer’s plan

Virtual Program

  • Courses taught and curated by district teachers
  • Full-day classes from Monday to Friday through combination of virtual instruction and independent practice
  • Primarily a secondary option to in-person instruction, which is district preferred

Chippewa Valley Schools

L’anse Creuse Public Schools

Chippewa Valley Schools is a school district that covers approximately 27 miles of county, serving primarily the cities of Clinton Township and Macomb Township. Home to 20 schools and 16,200 students, Chippewa Valley is offering a three-part plan for the school year:

Traditional Face-to-Face Instruction

  • Requires permission based on state and local guidelines for the reopening of schools and CDC recommendations
  • Students return to school with new safety guidelines and procedures in place

Hybrid Learning Model

  • Combination of in-person and online classes
  • Offered at the discretion of each school in the district

CV Virtual Academy

  • Must register with the district by August 13, 2020
  • Full-time option for remote learning
  • Students receive “rigorous online instruction, high standards, and the same academic excellence as an in-person curriculum”
  • Students enrolled in CVVA allowed to check out a district laptop and hotspot for internet access
  • Students not allowed to participate in activities during the school day taking place inside schools, but may participate in extracurricular/after-school programs and activities
  • Students who decide CVVA is not for them can petition to be allowed to return to traditional schooling at the end of the trimester (K-5), semester (6-12), or school year (K-12)

Eastpointe Community Schools

Eastpointe Community Schools
Eastpointe Community Schools

Eastpointe Community Schools is a district in the lower part of Macomb County, serving primarily the city of Eastpointe and other small Metro Detroit cities. Home to 8 schools and 2,900 students, Eastpointe Community Schools has issued a two-part plan:

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Traditional Face-to-Face Instruction

ECS released the graphic seen below as a description of the district’s interpretation of Governor Whitmer’s reopening plan:

Blended or Fully Online

  • Students will first receive a face-to-face schedule and will then work with their school to decide on the best learning method
  • Students have the option to participate in some face-to-face classes and extracurricular activities, including art, physical education, music, and CTE courses
  • ECS virtual offered to all students K-12
  • Classes taught by Eastpointe teachers, including extra support and services
  • Students/families should expect the same academic rigor and full curriculum
  • Time commitment to classes and assignments very similar to that of traditional instruction

Fraser Public Schools

Fraser Public Schools

Fraser Public Schools is a district in the lower part of the county with 8 schools and about 5,000 students. While Fraser Public Schools has recently released a “Return to School” survey for students and families and is holding a community conversation about the upcoming school year on August 19th, there is one option the district seems to already be pushing towards students.

Virtual Option

  • Operates at the same pace as face-to-face learning; expected to meet the same district competencies
  • All classes and lessons taught and designed by Fraser teachers
  • Elementary students brought in a couple times a month for small group learning and assessments
  • Students expected to come in for standardized tests (M-STEP, SAT, PSAT, etc.)
  • Students who are dissatisfied are allowed to switch to face-to-face at the start of the second semester (Dec/Jan)
  • District-provided device for every student who enrolls (iPad for K-8 and MacBook for 9-12)
  • Students allowed to participate in Fraser band, choir, athletics, and students organizations
  • Potential blended option for virtual students grades 7-12

Lake Shore Public Schools

Lake Shore Public Schools

Lake Shore Public Schools is a district serving a relatively small section of the county, housing 3,500 students across only 6 schools. Currently, Lake Shore has one plan of action for the fall: in-person instruction (detailed below). As far as public releases, Lake Shore has a PowerPoint presentation that provides up-to-date details on how the school year is slated to work. While the details at first appear to be sporadic, a closer look highlights that the PowerPoint focuses primarily on issues of health and safety, rather than laying out specifics on how the schools will function.

In-Person Instruction

  • Elementary students eat outside or in classrooms; secondary students eat in common areas
  • Extracurricular activities held both in-person and virtually
  • Restricted use of shared materials and lockers; students must carry belongings
  • Hand sanitizing stations placed throughout all buildings
  • Alternative learning areas for medically vulnerable students and staff, where possible
  • Possible remote learning options for students at high risk
  • PPE required and supplied for all students K-12
  • Daily screenings of students and visitors, including regular temperature checks
  • Designated quarantine rooms/areas for students or staff who become symptomatic
  • Students report directly to classrooms and remain for duration of class; scheduled bathroom breaks 

South Lake Schools

South Lake Schools

South Lake Schools is one of the smallest districts in the county, serving only 1,700 students across 5 schools. While South Lake hasn’t released a full-fledged plan for the upcoming school year, they have made some general suggestions via newsletters on the district’s website. The main takeaways from these newsletters are:

  • Every South Lake students will receive an Apple iPad for the upcoming school year
  • A wider range of social, academic, and mental health services are being developed
  • All South Lake students will have some kind of instruction daily (Mon-Fri)
  • In-person classes are likely to be offered every other day
  • Families will have the option of enrolling in fully online instruction

Along with these general guidelines, South Lake has also released several statements emphasizing a commitment to the success, health, and general wellbeing of all students in the district.

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