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10 Reasons Why Claudia Sheinbaum Won The Mexican Elections

10 Reasons Why Claudia Sheinbaum Won The Mexican Elections

  • Since the beginning of the electoral campaigns for the presidency of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum emerged as the frontrunner. What were the key factors behind her success?
Mexico Election

For the first time in Mexican history, two women competed for the country’s presidency. After an intense and active electoral process, Claudia Sheinbaum, the candidate of the «Sigamos Haciendo Historia» alliance, emerged as the choice of the majority of the population.

At 61, Sheinbaum is a seasoned politician with a long trajectory. Since 2000, she has held government positions, first as the Environment Secretary of Mexico City, then as mayor of the Tlalpan district, and later as Head of Government of Mexico City.

This impressive resume undoubtedly contributed to her triumph, but it’s insufficient to explain it thoroughly. What made her the favorite of the electorate? Here’s a look at the 10 critical elements of Claudia Sheinbaum’s success.

1. Sheinbaum’s continuity promise

Claudia has defined her government program as “the second floor of the Fourth Transformation.” She has promised to expand on the project initiated by AMLO, which focuses on fighting corruption, social justice, poverty alleviation, a series of social programs to support the less privileged population, and the control of key sectors of the economy, such as energy and natural resources. A significant portion of the population agrees with the policies implemented by her predecessor and wants them to continue and expand. 

2. Commitment to social programs

In a country with significant social disparities, governmental support programs are crucial. AMLO introduced the Pension for the Well-being of Senior People, the Universal Scholarship for Secondary Education Students, the Pension for the Well-being of People with Disabilities, the Program for the Well-being of Children of Working Mothers, and many others. Claudia has stated that she will continue to provide these economic supports and further increase the minimum wage. This commitment is another key to her success.

3. Fighting against corruption

Mexico is known for its high levels of corruption at all institutional levels, with the 118th place in a ranking of 196 countries. Promising an honest government is highly attractive, as Mexicans are tired of the continuous plundering carried out by previous administrations.

4. Transition to clean energy

The world is transitioning to cleaner energy sources. While AMLO focused on petroleum, Claudia Sheinbaum has declared her intention to promote renewable energies, which is of vital importance today due to the effects of global warming. She has also promised to strengthen the National Water Commission to ensure access to clean water for all Mexicans.

5. Focus on security

Amid widespread violence throughout the country, Mexico City has managed to increase a certain level of security under Sheinbaum’s leadership. Her Secretary of Security during her administration, the controversial but effective Omar García Harfush, has done a commendable job in this regard and is likely to play a key role in this area in her coming cabinet.  

6. Prioritizing mobility

In the capital city, Claudia promoted the creation of various projects that run on electricity, as well as the use of bicycles through cycle paths. She has repeatedly mentioned her plans to implement these projects in other cities facing traffic congestion and pollution. 

7. Emphasis on education

During her campaign, she promised to promote free and scientific education at all levels, fair salaries for teachers, and continue to create projects to bring culture, sports, and education to underprivileged neighborhoods. Her work in this field is highly anticipated in a country with significant educational gaps.

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8. Claudia, the scientist

While she may be perceived as reserved, Sheinbaum commands respect as a highly educated scientist and politician. Her closest collaborators describe her as a strong, austere, and serene woman who makes thoughtful decisions rather than acting impulsively.  

9. Women’s representation

No one questions a woman’s ability to govern the country nowadays. On the contrary, it is considered a quality that sets her apart from previous presidents. Accustomed to making her voice heard from a young age, she carries authority wherever she goes.

10. Left-wing positions

Born into a family of left-wing scientist parents, Claudia Sheinbaum has identified herself as a “daughter of ’68.” Before becoming a politician, she was an activist, championing various popular causes. Today, she is perceived as affiliated with the left wing. This may be the primary key to her success. After failed governments led by the moderate PRI and right-wing PAN, Mexicans are seeking left-wing leadership as a way out of poverty and lack of resources of all kinds. They have now betted for a left-wing president for the second time. 

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