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Pro-Immigrant Latino Vote: Uniting for Trump’s November Defeat

Pro-Immigrant Latino Vote: Uniting for Trump’s November Defeat

  • During presidential elections, undocumented immigrants feel powerless. Here's how the undocumented can mobilize eligible voters safely.
pro immigrant Latino vote

Trump’s vehement anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric torment undocumented immigrants incessantly. The Trump administration has made it clear that in Trump’s America, there is no room for diversity of thought, race, or status. Fortunately, in our democracy, there is power in numbers.

We urge the 11 million undocumented immigrants to press eligible citizens to vote in the upcoming election. We encourage them to use their voices to get out the Latino vote.

Here is a list of things undocumented immigrants can do to influence the election/ensure a Biden presidency.

Encourage eligible voters to cast their ballots

Though the pandemic has added extra hurdles to the already chaotic voter-registration cycle, undocumented immigrants can help voter registration virtually.

Take a look at this list of organizations that are in charge of promoting the Latino vote. Undocumented immigrants can keep eligible voters updated on key dates and deadlines to ensure their votes can be counted.  This can be done by texting eligible voters, mentioning voter registration while on a call, or through social media reminders. Even bringing up the election on a daily basis during meals can definitely make an impact!

About 138 million Americans voted in the 2016 election making up 58.1% of the voting population. Imagine what would’ve happened if 10 million more voters had shown up. Our reality might have been the stark opposite of what we are experiencing now. The more people are registered and actually cast their votes, the likelier Biden’s victory will be. 

This year’s safest way to vote is via mail-in-voting. Voters should plan to order their vote-by-mail ballot at least two months in advance.

Unless your state accepts no-excuse absentee voting, you should check if you fulfill the requirements from your state. Some states might require eligible voters to be out of the state or overseas, among other qualifications.

The poster above outlines the deadlines each state has for eligible voters to request their ballot. As of July 27th, 2020, states with an asterisk require a viable excuse to request a mail ballot.

Get out the vote!

Undocumented immigrants can share their stories so that eligible American voters face a wake-up call. Accounts concerning why they traveled to the United States, their reasoning behind making such a trip, and what their everyday struggles are given their undocumented status, might compel someone to use their vote towards making someone else’s life easier.

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Voters who might otherwise be indifferent to casting their vote might understand the power and privilege such an action carries. As Samuel Molina best put it, “to hear from a person who can’t vote is powerful.”

What undocumented immigrants gain from a Biden/Harris Presidency?

A Joe Biden/Kamala Harris presidency will end Trump’s efforts to terrorize immigrants. His days of striking terror in the Latino community through irresponsible and inhumane policies will come to an end. Joe Biden says that “under a Biden Administration, we will never turn our backs on who we are or that which makes us uniquely and proudly American. The United States deserves an immigration policy that reflects our highest values as a nation.” A Biden-Harriss administration would lift a huge weight off the undocumented community’s shoulders by re-introducing DACA and establishing other immigrant support services.

This past June, Biden vowed to make DACA permanent on day one of his presidency. The program’s return will give more undocumented immigrants will gain access to a driver’s license. Many will finally be able to hold a social security number and a work permit. Additionally, those who are in high school will also gain the necessary documentation to apply to college and scholarships. Furthermore, a Biden presidency will mean possibly a legal pathway to citizenship and more immigrant-friendly policies. 

The undocumented community will be safer during a Biden-Harris presidency. They need to make sure that more votes go in for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. For their safety and for the other most vulnerable communities in this country, Biden needs to be elected president. 

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