Aprende sobre el ecosistema Startup, su vocabulario, cómo levantar capital y emprender, conoce los conceptos e historias de éxito.

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8 mujeres creando startups en Latam

Conoce a 8 mujeres en Startups latinoamericanas, revolucionando cómo hacer negocios, desarrollar tecnología e interactuar con usuarios.

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8 Women Revolutionizing Startups in Latin America

Meet 8 women at the forefront of Latin American Startups, revolutionizing how to do business, develop technology and interact with users.

Stanford University Latino entrepeneurship
The State of Latino Entrepreneurship in 2021 According To Stanford

Stanford University has created an initiative to promote Latino entrepreneurship in the United States by providing useful information for decision-making. Learn about the results of the Stanford study.

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Stanford University 2021: emprendimientos latinos, sector con más crecimiento en E.E.U.U.

Stanford University creó una iniciativa para impulsar los emprendimientos latinos en E.E.U.U. a través de la información. Conoce los resultados del estudio de Stanford.

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How To Scale Customer Support?

Surely, there are more than just 7 customer support KPIs out there. However, these 7 are the most important ones to measure, and track. By utilizing these metrics, you can see your company’s customer support lacks and possibly improve your team’s performance.

How To Build An MVP

How to build a Minimum Viable Product in 7 easy steps. Consolidated Silicon Valley expertise supported by Startup Genome data.

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5 Things Startups And Social Justice Movements Have In Common

How do we go from «moment» to movement? Read the five fundamentals that increase engagement and mobilization using the power of the Internet.

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¿Qué son KPIs y cómo usarlos?

Los KPIs son indispensables en el desarrollo y funcionamiento de tu empresa. Conócelos, aprende como definirlos e implementarlos con esta práctica guía.

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Yachay University: Ecuador’s Tech Dream On Pause

I’m from Ecuador, and my professional career happened in Silicon Valley, and nothing would make…

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Selling Cookies Was Hard. Here’s What I Learned at 11 Years Old

When I was 11, I made 12 cookie bags and I wanted to sell them to students at Stanford. Easy as pie, I thought. Little did I know that it is much harder than that. I did it but I had to iterate a lot and improvise on the spot.